Mauve fused glass vase

My fused glass art is handcrafted in the foothills of beautiful Cache Valley in Northern Utah. My love of stained glass and the desire to create my own glass beads for jewelry led me to fusing. I set up Jester's Baubles so I could share with others my passion for glass and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful.

All of my fused glass designs are created in my home studio. I often draw my inspiration from the natural world around me. I love color, and enjoy designs and glasses that are "bright and happy" or that reflect the beauties of nature. However, I also enjoy the elegance of simplicity and understated designs, which is why you'll see variety in my work. I like creating pieces that are functional, but are also pleasing to look at. I am a member of The Artists' Gallery, Cache Valley Center for the Arts. The Artists' Gallery is an artists' cooperative in downtown, Logan, Utah. If you're in the area, please visit! We have a wonderful array of fine art by artists local to the Cache Valley.

Several steps are followed to create a fused glass piece. First the glass is scored with a glass cutter and broken-- much like stained glass, except a special type of glass is used. The pieces are then fired in a kiln to "melt" them together. If the design is three-dimensional, it is fired again using a special mold to achieve the desired shape. More complex pieces may require multiple firings before the final slumping stage. With each phase of firing the temperature is carefully controlled so that the resulting piece is durable as well as beautiful. Depending upon the size, shape, and thickness of the design, a single firing takes 12 to 24 hours or longer. As a final step, the fused glass piece may be assembled with other components or cold-worked to further enhance its appearance.

For additional information on my processes and techniques, check out my blog. Many of my postings explain how my pieces are created.

About the Artist

From the time I was big enough to sit down at my mother's "real" sewing machine and sew clothes for Barbie, I have enjoyed creating with my hands. Over the years I have sewn, crocheted, beaded, marbled paper and cloth, and made jewelry. I have always loved glass--the shine, the colors, the smooth coolness under touch... In the early 90s I began working in stained glass, and in 2009 I purchased a small kiln so I could anneal lampworked beads. It was then that I stumbled upon fusing, and it has been my artistic passion ever since.

By day, I work as a software product manager for Campbell Scientific, a scientific instrumentation company. I'm analytical by nature, and I find the process of fused glass fits well with my tendencies for logic and order, while still allowing me to express my creative side.